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Judge upholds New York City's mandatory measles vaccination order4/18/2019 11:37:48 PM A Brooklyn judge on Thursday ruled against a group of parents who challenged New York City's recently imposed mandatory measles vaccination order, rejecting their arguments that the city's public health authority exceeded its authority.Lower dose of Pfizer-Lilly painkiller misses main goals in late stage study4/18/2019 10:16:44 PM A lower dose of non-opioid painkiller developed by Pfizer Inc and Eli Lilly and Co failed to meet main goals in a late-stage study in patients with moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, the companies said on Thursday.Judge rejects challenge of New York City's mandatory measles vaccination order4/18/2019 10:03:28 PM A Brooklyn judge on Thursday denied a petition seeking to lift New York City's recently-imposed mandatory measles vaccination order, dismissing a court challenge brought by an anonymous group of parents who argued the order was unconstitutional.U.S. launches four-state study to find ways to reduce opioid overdose deaths4/18/2019 9:50:12 PM U.S. health officials on Thursday said they will spend $350 million in four states to study ways to best deal with the nation's opioid crisis on the local level, with a goal of reducing opioid-related overdose deaths by 40 percent over three years in selected communities in those states.Crowdsourced AI learns to target lung tumors for radiation4/18/2019 9:23:11 PM - In many parts of the world there are not enough radiation oncologists to design and deliver radiation treatments for lung cancer patients, but that gap could one day be filled with the help of artificial intelligence, researchers suggest in a new study.Obese sleep apnea patients may live longer with nighttime breathing aid4/18/2019 8:08:45 PM - Obese people with sleep apnea, a common nighttime breathing disorder, may live longer when they use a machine to help keep their airways open while they sleep, a recent study suggests.Many young cancer patients regret initial treatment decisions4/18/2019 6:45:15 PM - Most teens and young adults with cancer want a voice in how their tumors are treated, but almost one in four express regret about the initial treatment decisions made, a small study suggests.Most type 2 diabetes apps lack real-time advice on blood sugar management4/18/2019 6:00:21 PM (This April 16 story corrects paragraph 1 to indicate the study came from Singapore)Cambodia reports an outbreak of H5N6 bird flu: OIE4/18/2019 4:34:20 PM Cambodia has reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu virus among poultry, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Thursday, citing a report from Cambodia's agriculture ministry.Watch the birdie: Badminton players at risk for eye injuries4/18/2019 3:30:58 PM - Badminton players may be at high risk for serious eye injuries, many of which can bring on permanent vision problems or blindness, according to a study of wounds treated at a Beijing hospital.Many older U.S. gun owners don't store firearms safely4/18/2019 3:25:08 PM - Roughly one-third of older people in the U.S. may live in households with guns and a new study suggests that many of those firearms are not stored in the safest way: locked and unloaded.Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bust4/18/2019 2:22:45 AM Dozens of medical professionals in Appalachia, a region hard-hit by the U.S. opioid crisis, have been charged with writing hundreds of thousands of illegal prescriptions and committing health care fraud, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.Yale study revives cellular activity in pig brains hours after death4/18/2019 1:31:13 AM Yale University scientists have succeeded in restoring basic cellular activity in pigs' brains hours after their deaths in a finding that may one day lead to advances in treating human stroke and brain injuries, researchers reported on Wednesday.Wrist, upper-arm BP readings often differ considerably4/17/2019 9:17:56 PM - Blood pressure measured at the wrist is commonly higher than pressure measured at the upper arm, which has implications for the accuracy of devices that measure blood pressure, researchers report.St. Jude doctors claim cure for 'bubble boy' disease4/17/2019 9:17:12 PM Relying on the trickery used by the AIDS virus to infect people, doctors at two medical centers say they have cured 10 infants of so-called bubble boy disease, a genetic defect that leaves children, typically boys, without an immune system.3D goggles may soon help surgeons see better4/17/2019 8:34:07 PM - In a first, heart surgeons in Poland used 3D goggles to help them see inside a patient's chest as they opened up a narrowed heart valve, according to a report in the European Heart Journal.Hearing loss tied to increased risk for depression4/17/2019 8:30:52 PM - Older adults with hearing loss may be more likely than peers without hearing difficulty to develop symptoms of depression, a research review suggests.Pleasant smells may curb cigarette cravings4/17/2019 5:00:39 PM - Smokers may find cigarettes easier to resist when they smell things they enjoy like peppermint or chocolate, a small study suggests.France to ban titanium dioxide whitener in food from 20204/17/2019 4:38:32 PM France will ban the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive from 2020 after the country's health and safety agency said there was not enough evidence to guarantee the safety of the substance.Germany to launch cannabis farming as Canada's Aurora, Aphria win tenders4/17/2019 2:52:25 PM Germany has awarded contracts to supply domestically-grown cannabis to two Canadian companies, as it seeks to develop its own medicinal marijuana industry and reduce reliance on imports.