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Coronavirus cases in China's Hubei fall for second day, Apple and markets feel impact2/19/2020 12:59:50 AM New coronavirus cases in the Chinese province at the epicenter of the outbreak fell for a second straight day, but deaths rose after the World Health Organization had cautioned there was not yet enough data to know if the epidemic had slowed.
Virus-hit cruise ship passengers to start disembarking in Japan2/19/2020 12:59:50 AM Around 500 passengers on the virus-hit cruise ship quarantined off Yokohama near Tokyo were set to disembark on Wednesday, although those sharing a room with people testing positive would have to stay on board longer, media and officials said.
Japan plans HIV drug trials to fight coronavirus as Diamond Princess cases rise2/19/2020 12:43:41 AM Japan plans to start trials of HIV medications to treat coronavirus patients as an increase in the number of cases poses a growing threat to the economy and public health, the government's top spokesman said on Tuesday.
China's Hubei province reports 132 new coronavirus deaths on Feb. 182/18/2020 11:03:01 PM The number of deaths in China's central Hubei province from the coronavirus outbreak rose by 132 to 1,921 as of Tuesday, the province's health commission said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.
U.S. CDC places 14-day travel restriction on passengers from quarantined cruise ship2/18/2020 11:02:13 PM The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday all passengers on the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan would be restricted from traveling to the United States for at least 14 days after leaving the ship.
Rates of melanoma tied to UV exposure vary widely state to state2/18/2020 10:48:19 PM - Rates of melanoma caused by exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays vary widely from state to state, a new U.S. study suggests.
Inactive teens may be more prone to depression2/18/2020 10:45:44 PM - Sedentary teens may be more likely than their active peers to be depressed, and a new study suggests even light exercise like walking might help reduce this risk.
Sports events affected by coronavirus epidemic2/18/2020 10:16:39 PM The following is a list of international sports events affected by a coronavirus outbreak, which has killed more than 1,800 people and infected more than 70,000 in China after emerging late last year in Wuhan, Hubei province.
Airlines suspend China flights due to coronavirus outbreak2/18/2020 10:16:39 PM Airlines are suspending flights to China in the wake of the new coronavirus outbreak.
Factbox: Latest on coronavirus spreading in China and beyond2/18/2020 10:16:39 PM Here are the latest developments around the coronavirus outbreak:
Countries evacuating nationals from coronavirus-hit areas2/18/2020 10:16:39 PM A growing number of countries around the world are evacuating or planning to evacuate diplomatic staff and citizens from parts of China and a cruise ship in Japan hit by the new coronavirus.
Coronavirus forces delay of trade fairs and conferences2/18/2020 10:16:39 PM Over two dozen trade fairs and industry conferences in China and overseas have been postponed due to travel curbs and concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, potentially disrupting deals worth billions of dollars.
Home cleaning products may up risk of childhood asthma2/18/2020 7:59:25 PM - New parents who obsessively clean their homes to protect babies from germs might want to relax a bit, suggests a new study linking high exposure to cleaning products with an increased risk of childhood asthma.
Sexual and gender identity may be risk factors for skin cancer2/18/2020 7:56:35 PM - Skin cancer risk may vary according to sexual orientation and gender identity, two new studies suggest.
Gyms in China livestream routines as coronavirus keeps patrons away2/18/2020 7:22:58 PM "Stand in front of a chair. Chest up, core tight and square your pelvis," said Heidi Liu, a pilates instructor at a studio in Shanghai, as she demonstrated a series of poses and stretches.
WHO reports 92 cases of human-to-human coronavirus cases outside China2/18/2020 5:29:55 PM There have been 92 cases of human-to-human spread of the coronavirus in 12 countries outside China but the World Health Organization does not have the data to make comparisons with China, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Tuesday.
China's Hubei to adopt thorough checks on patients to curb virus epidemic: Xinhua2/18/2020 5:29:48 PM The central Chinese province of Hubei will adopt more thorough and forceful measures to find patients with fever to further help contain the new coronavirus epidemic, the state media reported on Tuesday.
Sanofi teams up with U.S. agency against coronavirus2/18/2020 4:48:30 PM French drugmaker Sanofi is working with a U.S. government agency to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus from China, saying it could have a candidate ready for clinical trials within a year.
Fitness app Strava finds love-hate relationship with running2/18/2020 4:31:44 PM Only a fraction of people who run do so because they love it, and most are motivated by boosting their body image and improving their heart and mental health, according to a global survey by the fitness-tracking app Strava.
Russian blogger's HIV documentary reaches millions, draws Kremlin praise2/18/2020 3:20:36 PM A hard-hitting YouTube documentary about Russia's HIV epidemic by a popular blogger has attracted more than 13 million views in a week and even drawn praise from the Kremlin.